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A bright Sydney home

A gorgeous Scandinavian feel in Sydney, Australia

Black, white and timber

Interior designer for children’s spaces, Little Dwellings’ Kate Sparks, was already a BoConcept fan when she came into the store looking for a new entertainment unit. With a predominant Scandinavian taste in interior, Kate has a particular love for black, white, timber and anything wire. She and her husband purchased Kate’s grandmother’s home in Sydney and have been renovating it room by room, and the time had come to the living room.

Design Consultant, Stephanie, from BoConcept Sydney helped Kate create a beautiful bright living space centered around the entertainment area with the Fermo media unit. A neutral color palette with open shelving makes it possible for Kate to display her style and even restyle at a later point for a completely new look.

Easy storing

The Fermo media unit is a great fit for a young family. With plenty of storage space it is easy to hide the children’s games while still keeping the room neat.

A Scandinavian dining space

The white Adelaide chair with oak legs matches the light feel of the room and is a great dining chair for smaller dining spaces. They pair up gorgeously with Kate’s marble dining table and really tie the room together, making the flow from living area to dining area seamless. And for an informal social gathering, the Adelaide will fit in the living arrangement as well.

Styling by: Kate Sparks, Little Dwellings
Photography by: Jacqui Turk
In collaboration with: BoConcept Sydney

Accessories make a room

Beautiful open shelving and little tables make room to display the personal knick-knack, plants and accessories, which make the space unique and personal. Unconventional places to display accessories or a curious place to hang a lamp from, can give the room that something extra that really makes it you.

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