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Meet Our Designers

The designers behind our products embrace their own background, ideas and approaches when creating the many pieces are committed to urban life and functionality.

Morten Georgsen

A strong believer that good design gives people more quality in life. Morten is dedicated to bringing his designs inspired by Danish heritage to an international audience. Morten’s designed the Osaka chair and Milano table.

Henrik Pedersen

Well known for his lifestyle based design, Henrik relies on his passion for his craft and intuitive ability to create products for BoConcept. He’s designed the Imola and Adelaide chairs as well as many tables and lamps.


Arde’s design values include furniture that is modern, fresh and cutting-edge. Constantly pushing the visual and technical boundaries of design he’s created some classic pieces for BoConcept which include: the Cupertino desk and Florence dining chair.

Anders Nørgaard

Anders has always stayed true to his Danish design heritage. A true believer that you can think outside the box and create furniture that is both functional and beautiful. He’s created iconic pieces such as the Osaka and Carmo sofa as well as The Ogi and Monte chair.

Frans Schrofer

Well known for his sculptural approach to furniture design and his use of ergonomic and conscious use of materials. His pieces designed for BoConcept combine all of those elements. He’s designed the Athena chair which is well known for its soft flowing lines and feminine appearance.

Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the most creative furniture designers of his generation. The pioneer of sensual minimalism – a soft style that incorporates a source of humanity and makes you feel at ease. Karim Rashid is well known for his Ottawa collection for BoConcept which one a Red Dot award.


A Toronto native designer, Nendo’s design philosophy is about creating small wow-moments in people’s every day lives. His furniture is minimalistic yet characteristic. Some pieces designed for BoConcept: Fusion day bed, and chair.