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New Jersey

BoConcept apartment – Overlooking New York

Tested and reviewed by you!

We decorated this amazing apartment just for you! To be more accurate; Our talented Concepter Gerald Posley did. Gerald thought that the breathtaking view of the NYC skyline was a perfect setting for an exquisite and lush styling with saturated and rich colours and surfaces. The sofa he chose is the always elegant Carlton accompanied by the classy Monte chair and the new Barcelona coffee table.

And yes, you can come and stay here in this fabulous apartment! Hurry up and find your local store in order to book a stay for only US$80 a night! See booking conditions here!

The living room

Lots of amazing designers

A balcony with a perfect view

Lounge in great design!

Read a book!

Our comfortable Monte chair

Learn more about these gorgeous design pieces

Explore the dots!

Meet the Design Consultant

Gerald Posley

Living in New York City and loving it! Gerald Posley is the talent behind decorating this beautiful apartment overlooking the city. Gerald focused on great materials and a luxury feeling while keeping the urban and elegant style in mind.

As a Design Consultant Gerald always stresses two things. The first one is light. Let in the natural light and add lamps to every dark corner as well as, of course, by your tables and armchairs. The second thing he focuses on is functionality. Choosing functional furniture with great storage solutions will make tidying up quick and easy as well as extend the square footage of the space.

Planning to visit New York?

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Gerald Posley on NYC

I live in the Harlem neighbourhood and it provides a sense of familiarity of culture for me in this huge metropolis.

Soul food, the Harlem Renaissance, the Apollo theater, and beautiful African Americans are all a part of the rich cultural heritage of the neighbourhood that I live in. I’m reminded of all the great people that are a part of its historical legacy! Some favourites include Michael Jackson, James Baldwin, Alvin Ailey, James Brown, Aretha Franklin.

Central Park is still one of my favourite places in the city. It is my escape from the urban jungle and where I go to help calm myself. Nature works every time.

Amazing street art

New York is never boring

Lunching and enjoying

The many cool cafes

The streets of New York

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