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A modern masterpiece outside London

Clinton’s stylish home

Clinton Dall’s newly built modernist home just outside London was inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s legendary Barcelona Pavilion and it was important to Clinton that the furniture would be specifically matched to the contemporary house. The result is an expressive blue and brown colour scheme, organic forms and natural materials that perfectly complements his extensive art collection.

A modern, large sofa

One of the challenges Clinton faced was finding the right sofa for his large open living room. With Design Consultant Justin Coakley’s help, he chose a modular Cenova sofa, customized to match the proportions and colour scheme.

Meet the Design Consultant

Justin Coakley

Justin helped Clinton create a modern and expressive interior that is perfectly in line with the streamlined, modernist house.

“This really was an exciting and inspiring project to work on in terms of the space and it being such a modern design. It was almost effortless the way that the BoConcept furniture fitted in with the space.” says Justin.  Clinton was from the beginning very sure of what he wanted in terms of style and Justin grasped his ideas and turned them into reality, making the most out of Clinton’s spectacular space.