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The accents of the house, accessories enliven the eye and incite the imagination. Whether it’s a pop of colour or a more minimal approach, we encourage creativity. Cushions lamps, vases, they all contribute to the fabric of a unique home and are often the details that make a difference.
This is BoConcept Toronto’s local website. To see the full collection of BoConcept products please visit our main website: www.boconcept.com

Buy designer accessories

Our collection of home accessories adds the finishing touch to your living space. From soft, ambient ceiling shades to statement floor lamps and spotlight task lamps, find the perfect lighting for any room in your home. Open up your space with a classic mirror, with small circular designs perfect for adding character to a small space, to large rectangular designs, perfect for your hallway or living room.

There’s always something that needs a home around the house. From spare towels and bottles in the bathroom to magazines and remote controls in the living room, keep your living space clear and clutter free with our stylish storage. Choose from a range of boxes, baskets, racks and trays in wicker, jute or metal to complement your decor.

Dress your sofa or bed with cushions from our collection. Choose classic shades for a subtle style, or add printed or patterned designs to make a focal point in your room. Plush velvet adds an element of luxury and cool linen is perfect for a clean, classic look. An accent throw or bedspread adds warmth and texture to your space. Choose a geometric or floral design, or a soft sheepskin or cable knit to keep you warm all winter long.

More than just a way to keep your feet warm, our rugs are eye-catching design statements in their own right. Round or rectangular, neutral or bold, choose a plain or patterned piece and build your room around it.

Add personality to your room with our collection of clocks, candle holders and vases. When you feel like a change, these home accessories are easy to mix, match and switch around. Frame those special moments with our collection of photo frames, or choose a statement piece of wall art from our extensive gallery.